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Wife swap muslim family

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City Wife swap muslim family faces heat after fun pre-wedding shoot shows him accepting bribe Indian star shuttler PV Sindhu receives grand welcome at Delhi Airport I-T attaches hotel worth Rs crore as 'benami' asset of Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi, brother Headmaster teaches children through songs and dance in Odisha's Koraput. For long-lasting and classy look SAT test to be held on October 5: Important tips for exam.

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wife swap muslim family You just pictured sexual things instead of looking it up, and then made free with your awful curses. Besides, as a shia I would ahve expected him to have less issues with such things, since they allow temporary marriage.

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Skip to main content. Don't ask how i came across it - proudly advertised on the MSN homepage.

Is this concept wife swap muslim family itelf not severe sin?? Well, they will not be swapping wives in every sense of the word I doubt they will sarasota chinese sharing the bedroom. Watch the show famlly make up your mind. Maybe they do it in a novel way.

Post reply. Create new account Request new password. BD Brother. The father works his daily job but sees time after work mslim relaxation time.

The 2 daughters were teenageers - one 18 and the other slightly younger. They had a young son also 12?

Judging by the parents' fuck tonight 48451 both were from Pakistan, in their 40's I think. The White English family were completely opposite in that religion was frowned upon as restrictive, unnecessary and illogical. The parents were formerly divorced and the husband brought a teenaged daughter with.

The husband was a house husband complete role-reversal here! The wife worked full time and in the evenings enjoyed going out with friends, going to the pub.

As far as I remember there was also another teenage daughter who seemed to be a bit of a goth she had wild pink hair and heavy mascara!! The show came down to freedom v restrictions. The muslim family believe there must wifr restrictions and wife swap muslim family of your children. The English family believe children have to learn for themselves.

One of the most telling bits of the program was at the end when the muslim lady wife swap muslim family pressed about what she learned from living with the english family she didn;t really have an answer! Not just stupid people yelling at each. That's my opinion anyway, might sound a bit Daily Mail but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only swwap who thinks.

Wife swap muslim family

Not Daily Mail at all, children are children. It's unfair to them and to society to treat them like adults.

I don't know the level of restriction on the Muslim children, if you'll forgive the stereotype, I imagine it was rather high. Parents must wife swap muslim family no to their children, but only when there is a reason and they must explain that reason.

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Spot who came from what can only be described as as a middle-class s upbringing despite being born in ! Thank God for that!

The programme wasn't as "explosive" as some of the wife swap's wife swap muslim family i. Imagine if it mmuslim possible - 's Wife Swap - between a Muslim mother and a White English family would have shown how similar we really are and how far White English society has changed in terms of morals since.

This is PART 3 of an episode of Wife Swap (UK) where a wife with a lesbian daughter swaps families with a wife from a strict muslim family. The award-winning Wife Swap continues with the Ahmed family, a strict Pakistani Muslim family who pray five times a day and choose to wear. Join Facebook to connect with Wife Swap and others you may know. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know.

I don't mean just in terms of womens' rights but generally acceptable moral behaviour. Interesting thought anyway!

I've not seen this show because its not shown on Wife swap muslim family tvs but ive seen similar shows and they at most entertaining to watch.

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I wouldnt give them more credit than. As a result it wife swap muslim family just the usual "low class v high class" scenario but something more relevant politically. I don't like how she took the two Muslim girls to the pub.

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The show gives ppl an insight into another family's day wife swap muslim family day routine. Surely she didnt take her own kids to the famiy regardless if they could legally drink. I've always believed Muslims will never be considered "integrated" till we go to the pub.

I saw this programme, against my better judgement, and I found it uncomfortable viewing to say the.

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