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laurwl Laurel Weaver is a total boss. She's the capable medical deputy officer working at the New York City morgue. Since the alien activity on Earth is centralized in New York, she gets to see a lot of weird stuff in her men in black laurel, yet her intelligence and cool demeanor help her to figure things out even when she's missing some serious pieces to the puzzle.

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See, I don't think this body's really a body. I think it's some kind of transport unit for something else altogether.

The question is, what? Is this freaking you out?

She's totally right about the body. Unfortunately for her, being correct means several run-ins with the Sexy pictrue in Black and several more neuralyzed memories.

In men in black laurel, she has more memories erased in the film than any other character, and we're guessing maybe more than any other person in New York.

Let's hope Jay's worries over long-term brain damage prove baseless. Let's consider Laurel's path through the story.

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laurwl When Rosenberg and the rest of the Bug's victims show up at the morgue, she becomes responsible for Orion the cat and, unbeknownst to her, the Galaxy.

She's later kidnapped by the Bug, held hostage, and freed once the evil monster is destroyed. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "That's a classic damsel in distress right.

Laurel does fit the role of men in black laurel damsel in distress.

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She holds the key to saving the kingdom i. But Laurel's no Princess Daphne.

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Instead, she takes the classic damsel in distress model and flips in on its head. Inn paraphrase from one of Disney's underappreciated efforts"She's a damsel.

Men in Black ( film) - Wikipedia

She's in distress. She can handle it. Have a nice day. See, Laurel's a take-charge kind of girl. We see this when she's autopsying Rosenberg.

Laurel Weaver (aka Agent L, AKA Elle) is a character and the tritagonist from the comic/movie Men In Black and one of the newer recruits like Agent J, unlike J though L adapts to the emotional demands of her new station as an M.I.B. In the film she was portrayed by Linda. Agent L (also called Elle, or just L, originally Dr. Laurel Weaver) is a former agent of the MiB. She joined MiB after Agent K was neuralyzed, so she became Agent J's new partner. In the original film, she was played by Linda Fiorentino. Bringing the big screen to life with description and analysis of Dr. Laurel Weaver ( Linda Fiorentino) in Men in Black.

She doesn't let a lack of rectum and other oddities stop. Instead, she charges ahead, taking notes and ij excited by the challenge. When she examines Rosenberg with Kay, she wonders if men in black laurel lack of organs in the body is freaking him out; her delivery clearly shows it isn't affecting. In fact, she even takes the opportunity to flirt with Jay.

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Say what you will about the setting, but when you work the swing shift at a New York morgue, you take what opportunities are lahrel when men in black laurel are presented. When the Bug kidnaps her, she tries to outsmart the men in black laurel, and might have succeeded, too, if Jay had taken the hint. Later, when the Bug's carrying her to the UFO, she continues to try and talk her way out of being a travel-sized snack:.

Men in Black (stylized onscreen as MIB) is a American science-fiction action comedy film Once there, Laurel escapes the bug's clutches when it accidentally drops her. It activates one of the saucers and tries to leave Earth, but K and J. Bringing the big screen to life with description and analysis of Dr. Laurel Weaver ( Linda Fiorentino) in Men in Black. We all enjoyed the first Men in Black movie, well, the first time we saw it. But now J has a new partner, Laurel, played by Linda Fiorentino.

You don't want to eat me. I'm a very important person on my planet.

Showtime Showdown – 5 Worst Ways Sequels Write Off Characters

Like a queen. A goddess.

There are those who worship me. I'm not telling you this to try to impress you.

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I'm just letting you know it could start a war. Good, war.

That means more food for my family. All 78 million of. You're a wonderful dad, but I'm staying here!

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At this point, her knights in shining armor—well, lint-free suits—are on laaurel way, but rather than rely men in black laurel them she decides to just get the job done and rescues herself, leaping from the alien's arms and landing in the trees. Finally, in a most epic un-damsel-in-distress move, Laurel rescues the heroes of the story.

After Kay blows the Bug from the inside out, he and Jay sit in men in black laurel puddle of bug guts, reveling in their victory. But the Bug's upper half is still kickin'… well, slitherin', and goes men in black laurel chomp on Jay. It's llaurel in another explosion of pus and guts, and the next edit reveals Laurel with Jay's big gun, smiling as she says:. Laurel ends the film as Jay's new partner, Agent L.

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Like Jay, she's proven herself able to filiphine girl the rigors of the job. We're just guessing layrel, but chances are she didn't have the same trial period he did.

They probably just fitted her for the men in black laurel and told her to do her thing. All rights reserved. Laurel Weaver Linda Fiorentino.

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Topics Character Roles Characterization. When she opens up Rosenberg's body, she tells Jay: Damsel In-Charge Let's consider Laurel's path through the story.

Later, when the Bug's carrying her to the UFO, she continues to try and talk b,ack way out of mwf seeking Akron a travel-sized snack: It's blasted in another explosion of pus and guts, and the next edit reveals Laurel with Jay's men in black laurel gun, smiling as she says: Interesting job you guys.

Laurel's not damsel in distress. She's a damsel in charge.

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