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I had sex with my step daughter I Search Nsa

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I had sex with my step daughter

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Ask Your Question today. My story is a bit unusual but I really need help. I am 23 years old and my spouse is We have 2 kids together, but I think we are in big trouble. See I had an affair with my stepdaughter. We started when my wife was away on a medical trip for our baby when she was 9 months pregnant.

I admit I was sexually attracted to my step daughter proir to this, but with a bit of alchohol and stirred up feelings I found my self kissing and fondeling my step daughter in my marital bed. My wife and I have always called her that as we are common law found out, and she confronted my about it after the first time, I told her she was nuts and denyed it.

She came to me over and over shullsburg WI milf personals about it and I kept saying she knew. It i had sex with my step daughter not about sex as we never actually had intercouse, but we spent nights everynight for a long time going for walks, kissing, touching, stargazing, talking.

My wife called me when I took a business trip and told me she was hurting, that I was hurting her, I admitted to her i had sex with my step daughter I was emotionally involved in an inapropriate way with her daughter and promised to end it.

I got home and took her daughter to a private location and performed oral sex on her naked chat in Trikraty the intention of having sex, needless to say the affair did not end.

On 3 occasions she attempted to perform oral sex on me but as a virgin she couldn't do it. I again performed oral sex on her in our own home when my wife was at a doctors appointment for our baby.

During this time I had sex with my wife nightly but always I fantasized about my stepdaughter and didn't pay attention to my wife.

I used her as the sex was one sided. I ridiculed my wife for accusing me of having an affair. I know I loved her, but I don't think I do.

I only love my wife. I finally admitted to i had sex with my step daughter affair 6 months after it officially ssex. She cornered me with a question I couldn't think of a lie. Now it has been ayear and I think things are still not good.

She says I am sick, and adult looking nsa Princewick West Virginia I am only here to help raise our two kids. What can I daugghter Am I sick? What difference does it make? And the sister of both my children. Oh and I guess at the time she was sister to the child my wife was i had sex with my step daughter months pregnant with and sister to the child we had the year before that was still born.

The difference is that at the time she was a minor. She was 15, so obviously she was new to being a teenager.

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As her step-father you should have been more appropriate with. If she was over 18 at the time, I'd say go to town. But she was a minor, and you were a male role-model in her life she looked up to. Definitely crossed a major line. How did she taste? la Thuile adult dating

Looking Sex Contacts I had sex with my step daughter

Have u lost your mind? You keep your hands to your self and pants on.

She is a minor. Well as really sick as this sounds i found out that that my and her "stepfather' are having an affair spooning sleeping together wtih a heating blanket fondling each other.

I am grief stricken and do not know how to handle. I have never been so sick of this sickening loss of trust and insult. What you have done is a complete life wrecker to your step daughter.

She will be caughter for life from what you have. Trust me I speak from experience. Mine started when I was just 14 and ended when I was I am now nearing 26 off work with depression and have a list of mental health issues all thanks to my step father.

You and your wife should go somewhere for a weekend and have a good one talk just the two of you. Then when you come back the two of you together sit down and have a good talk with your stepdaughter. That is just wrong.

I had sex with my step daughter

You obviously do not love your wife, you had an affair with her underaged daughter. You not only set a bad example for your step daughter while crossing too mant major lines, you are supposed to be a father figure, not like a boyfriend to picture of bengali girl. Thats fucking sick. I wouldnt expect your wife to forgive you, you wanted to have sex with her 15 or 16 year old daughter. Seek help and stop hurting your wife.

She deserves better. By the way, from the sounds of it, you don't love your wife. And its cruel to be with her while your constantly thinking of someone else Let alone srep own daughter. Think of it from her point of view, you have kids. Are You Normal? Having an affair with my step-daughter, i had sex with my step daughter Is It Normal?

I had sex with my step daughter

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I hope you told your mom about his attics. He has no shame! Sounds like you need a good boning Sick sick sick.

Stepfather had sex with stepdaughter, 12, in school uniform | Northern Star

No you are a sick bastard. He should be casterated with a dull rusty knife. I think if they are both consenting, it's a beautiful thing to. Perhaps a 3 way is in order? You are sicker then. Add A Comment.

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