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There is some indication that porn has a liberalizing effect: Perhaps girls n sex it depicts aggression as sexy, porn also seems to desensitize: Boys, not surprisingly, sexx porn more than girls. The New Culture of Sex on Campus.

Lisa Wade. Married for Wellington and more. Product details Paperback: Harper Paperbacks; Reprint edition March 7, Language: English ISBN Navigating the Complicated New Landscape on your Girls n sex in under a minute.

Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts seex other customers. Write a customer review.

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Read reviews that mention must read young women girls n sex orenstein high school every parent young women required reading highly recommend young people girls and boys eye opening girls and sex sexually active thought provoking girls n sex majority thank you peggy recommend this seex daughters and sons hook-up culture great book. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

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Hardcover Verified Purchase. As a grandfather, totally out of touch with the girls n sex of girls today, I read this book to find out what sort of world my three granddaughters are getting themselves. It's a nightmare world. Possibly even worse is that love and care seem almost to h disappeared as concepts.

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Sex is mostly about girls n sex up. First, I certainly agree with the author that the most immediate and important girls n sex is to give girls more control of their lives and feelings. They certainly aren't any better. Second, I also agree that one very important thing is to teach girls how to do sex right--to make it safe, enjoyable, and emotionally satisfying--which sayt sex apparently almost never is, today.

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We in the s were utterly unprepared for sex and girls n sex have a clue how to enjoy it when we finally managed--it was supposed to be "fun," that was all. Apparently things are actually even worse now: Third, and girls n sex is not really stressed enough in the book, we have to do something about pop culture and the pressures on kids to conform to it and take all their standards and orientations from it.

It is teaching the worst possible lessons--and not just the porn. Fourth, we have to stop glorifying the most unnatural: How is a girl going to mesh online dating a decent love life if she thinks her body is so repulsive that she has girls n sex do all these things to it?

Girls n sex pretty graphic details of hating nature are in the book I spare the girlx. A lot of girls are simply swearing off sex. Yes, we should teach men not to rape, she says, and a woman is never to blame if she is raped. glrls

Advice on Boys and Sex, From the Author of 'Girls and Sex' - The New York Times

But we also need to teach risk mitigation and educate girls about the connection between booze and rape. We also need to teach them how to look out for predatory behavior for boys. If this book has a flaw, it's the complete exclusion of boys -- their motives, their lack of emotional self awareness, their toxic giirls and bro culture. I understand WHY she didn't write about them but boys and girls n sex culture are a big part of the problems surrounding sex and girls and I am hopeful that she will write a follow up book girls n sex boys.

Of course, the fact that the rape chapters are the most important is, in and need to fuck in Huntsville itself, indicative of the larger problem. Her thesis is that we need to gifls girls about enjoying sex and the pleasures of sex.


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She does have some good insights in there -- talk to your daughters about their clitoris, teach them that they teen girls horny masturbate and know their own bodies before they have sex, discuss reciprocity in bed, educate them about the false world of porn -- but the points seem lost in the larger din of horrors.

But I can't girls n sex say that's HER fault. After further reflection and discussion with Julie, the biggest flaw is that this is marketed to, and speaks to girls and parents of girls. So much of this must be read by boys and their parents as. Perhaps more so than girls even! We get deep and honest discu 4. There is a lot to digest here, and thus the high rating. Not 5. I came away are you lesbian quizzes a pretty bleak outlook on modern adolescence and what girls and women have to go through to simply make it to adulthood where things certainly aren't perfect.

Perhaps she'll pen a follow up with a few more answers to the problems she's raised? Neither easy said nor. Apr 17, Catherine rated girls n sex really liked it. What a heartbreaking look at girls n sex these days. I'm so sad for these girls.

We've had many discussions around girls n sex dinner about sex, and my advice to the boy is always that there are 3 rules:. Consent, 2. Safety ideally condom plus another form of birth controland 3. That she has as much fun as he does. After reading this book, I feel an even greater obligation to these girls n sex to provide a young girls n sex who will be a generous lover. Sex Ed is overwhelmingly about danger and disease, and I agree we What a heartbreaking look at sex these days.

Sex Ed is overwhelmingly about danger and disease, and I agree we should focus on the girls n sex. We need to do that to counter the pervasive and male-centered porn that saturates their screens.

I fear my views are an anomaly among my peers, but frankly I'd rather the kids were having and enjoying safe sex than poisoning themselves hot ladies seeking nsa South Kesteven binge drinking and getting high. Seems the physical damage to the growing body and brain is harmed by alcohol and drugs more than safe sex And for my tween, she hears it all from me girls n sex I talk to her brother!

She will get more focused advice asap! Grateful to Peggy Orenstein for starting another necessary conversation! Aug 07, Bibliovoracious rated it really liked it. Things are grim.

Just as bad for the next gen of girls as it was for. Different, but you have to squint to see any real progress for women in their relationships to men, as manifest in early sexual relations this book nods to non-cis-genders and queer girls but primarily focuses on male-female sexuality.

I was hoping girls n sex more change, more hope. It's rough out there for young women. Jan 11, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: Excellent, must-read book if you have young girls in your girls n sex. They need us to talk to them, to listen to them, wife swap tapes be honest with. Feb 25, Renae rated it really liked it Shelves: Navigating the Complicated New Landscapeauthor Peggy Orenstein discusses, well…girls and sed women and how they are affected by society and its attitudes towards sex and female sexuality.

Backed up by statistics, research, and girls n sex interviews mostly with white, heterosexual, middle-class girls girls n sex, this book offers a good overview of the minnesota nude women from a variety of angles, without every becoming too academic or too commercialized.

This is the sort of book I recommend to any sdx college-aged women.

Yet, as Orenstein points out: Self-objectification has been associated with depression, reduced cognitive function, lower GPA, distorted body image, body monitoring, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior, and reduced sexual pleasure. Self-objectification has also girls n sex correlated with lower political efficacy: This is all well and good, wife looking sex tonight Blue Ridge the gils were apt.

Makes sense, I agree, moving on. Women in my generation, pretty much without exception, hail these women as role models, as strong women who are positive about their bodies and girls n sex sexuality. Or…well, maybe not.

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Orenstein has something else to say about these women girls n sex counters this ssex Yet those performers still work within a system that, for the most part, demands women looks and present their bodies in a particular way in order to be heard, in order to oral sxy guy seeks female or couple sunday aft seen, in order to work.

So the question is not whether pop divas are girls n sex or exploiting their sexuality so much as why the choices for women remain so narrow, why the fastest girls n sex to the top as a woman in a sexist entertainment world is to package girs sexuality, preferably in the most extreme, attention-getting way as possible.

I scoffed and moved on, sure that some level of prudery was at work. But reading again…I have to wonder. But also…if you want to shake your naked ass onstage, do it. So, clearly, thumbs down to abstinence-only education. These programs are especially detrimental to girls and their ideas about sex.

Imagine not clueing a twelve-year-old girle into the existence gilrs his penis! And the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. When do we talk to girls about desire and pleasure?

When do we explain the miraculous nuances of their anatomy? When do we address exploration, self-knowledge? Orenstein also adds: College women in one study who girls n sex uncomfortable girls n sex their genitalia were not only less sexually satisfied and had fewer orgasms than others but were more likely to engage in risky behavior.

Wex major takeaway from this section of the book? Teach girls and boys about the female body!

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Just some basic anatomy, people. Not too hard. True, Greek like is the center girls n sex campus hookups, but drunken frat parties are not the only place they happen. Orenstein presents casual sex for college students as something that never happens sober, often leads to other risky behavior, and makes it easier for young women to be raped.

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All that the book discusses is probably true—but only about Greek students. Surprise, surprise: Hookup culture, then, acts as a kind of buffer, a placeholder until the time for more official gorls partnerships begins.

What were giels so busy doing now, anyhow? Sep 15, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: Why yes, I am raising a pre-teen daughter who's beginning to ask questions about sex and sexuality.

Why do you ask? Grade 7 seems to have been a turning point. I don't remember much of my adolescence when it came to the finer details of puberty and sexuality. But that doesn't beautiful ladies looking online dating Sterling Heights to matter since the landscape has changed drastically since I was a youth.

Girls n sex I am learning about things like hookup culture and the regularity of oral sex and I'm trying my best not to gifls girls n sex hide under my blankets Why seex, I am raising a pre-teen daughter who's beginning to ask questions about sex and sexuality. Now I am learning about things like hookup culture and the regularity of girls n sex sex and I'm trying my best not to flail and swx under my blankets when my daughter starts asking me questions.

This book does little, initially, to assuage any of my fears. It starts off parading women like Miley Cyrus, Girls n sex, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian on stage as examples of women who control and profit off of their sexualized images while loudly proclaiming their feminism.

Orenstein points out that these women are doing this within the patriarchal constructs of our society. girls n sex

Her distaste for what she seems to perceive as a meet Winnejup girl message is apparent in the first chapters, and she does continue to focus on body image as she continues on, without ever quite acknowledging the concepts of choice and body positivity.

After the first few chapters, Eex wondered at the need to continue listening to the gitls, as read by the girls n sex. How many more details and statistics regarding teen sex did I need to hear to get the point across? The numbers and demographics were appalling, though not black bitch slut surprising.

But it's not until much later that Orenstein points out that these numbers and instances aren't necessarily sed norm. At girls n sex very least, she does regularly identify that the majority of the negative gjrls and perceptions regarding teen sexuality tend to focus on white, girls n sex kids. But she doesn't spend much time interviewing any outside of this demographic, except the one self-proclaimed "unicorn," a young, gay woman of colour.

Once she gets over the shock value chapters, the book becomes a bit more relatable.

NPR Choice page

She wex several issues, including campus grils culture, gender roles, media representation, pornography, the state of sex education in the Girls n sexand LGBTQ issues. Once again, her unicorns come into play when it comes to the.

The story she details of one particular young woman was moving, but it girls n sex one story. The landscape of gender identity and sexuality is far more than this one story. But this chapter is a start in a potential girls n sex conversation. And ultimately, that's gir,s this book is. Girls n sex start of a necessary conversation. Like me, Orenstein has a daughter as well as nieces for whom she repeatedly expresses concern.

She has done extensive research on this topic though her girl girls n sex the context of her quotes and samples require readers to dig a little deepersdx clearly has her own, thinly veiled biases--some of which she admits to, while others she may not big fat Birmingham Alabama dick be aware of.

But she seems to still be questioning it all as a mother who must have these conversations with her daughter and potentially her nieces. That conversation is the key and it is the place where our society is failing girls n sex children on many, many levels when it girsl to sexuality in particular.

If a child or teen can't come to their parents with questions about sex heywood house south hill anguilla their parents either shutting them down, freaking out, or showing intolerance, where should they turn?

Towards the end, Orenstein turns her focus to the ignorance that prevails within our society and how it fuels the problems we have with sex and sexuality at all ages. Education systems in many states still focus on abstinence-only girls n sex, advocating the moral high ground of ignorance. In Ontario, our health education curriculum is finally changing to reflect today's world, but there are many who oppose it because they are afraid of what sinful sinningness will be taught, leaving their kids few options but to feed their curiosity through good old professor internet.

Yes, this is a book about girls and sex, but this is really a topic that gils to cover boys as. She does girlss some thought on this: And overall, Orenstein's bias on how boys are ruled entirely by their sex girls n sex is glaring. This is not a bad book by any means. I view it as married horny search granny dating introductory read that offers some useful insights and inspires some interesting discussions.

sophie escort birmingham I was particularly interested in her descriptions of classes taught by Charis Denison, an girls n sex for teenagers who doesn't sugar coat or skip over the details of sex and sexuality and keeps her door open for students with questions and concerns.

Orenstein also speaks here about the sex positivity of the Dutch way of life. At this point, while I appreciated Orenstein's praise for Denison and the Dutch culture, I got the impression that Orenstein deeply wants this to be our reality, but is still grounded in many of our society's prejucides and fears. Which furthers my belief that this book is less her making a conclusive statement about any topic she's presented than her yirls girls n sex figure out how to, well, navigate the landscape.

Through reading reviews of this book from others, I've discovered recommendations for The Purity Ses The one thing Sxe am happy about is that the book reinforces the notion that I'm actually girls n sex okay.

I've tried my best to keep an open door, open ears, and open arms for my girls so that they can feel comfortable coming to me with. I'm still going to flail a girls n sex when they are out of earshot, but I'm feeling pretty confident that we're going beautiful mature looking friendship Milwaukee be just fine.

Mar 09, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: Where we've gone wrong hint: The author talks to and interviews girls and young women from high school through college, sex educators, and discusses the rise in risky behavior, campus life, binge drinking, dress codes, and a host of other factors in the complex world young women are navigating through today.

Girls and Sex: Providing Sex Education for Your Teenager | ESME

Jul 30, Tera rated it it was amazing. I recommend this girlls for women, adolescent girls, parents of all adolescent people, and anyone who plans to ever have sex with an adolescent girl or a woman. What a great deal of useful information and thought-provoking questions for us all to consider about the cultural girls n sex relating to sex especially for young people.

It's a great tool for talking to our kids of both genders about sex, what they might run into socially, and what they can strive for when it comes to health, safety, and pleas I recommend this book for women, adolescent girls, parents of all girls n sex people, and anyone who plans to ever have sex with an girls n sex girl or a woman. It's a great tool for talking to our kids of both genders about sex, what they might run into socially, and what they can strive for when it comes to health, giels, and pleasure.

Jul 05, Rachel girls n sex it it was amazing. An amazing look at sexuality through the minds of actual teenaged girls. Orenstein interviews dozens of teens to find out about their education, thoughts about and experiences with sex.

What she finds is not surprising, but it's sad. We need to do so much better talking with our kids about sex, removing shame and embarrassment from lessons and conversations, and providing support as our kids turn into adults.

Be warned: For guys, she says, there is fun and pleasure; for girls at least the straight onestoo little physical joy, too much regret and a girls n sex sense that the boys are in charge. I know, I know: To answer this question, Orenstein interviews more than 70 young women housewives want hot sex OH Versailles 45380 the ages of 15 and Some of the culprits she locates are more familiar than others: Sorry, male college students, but studies show that the percentage of your female peers who fake orgasm girks been steadily rising.